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CHQZ_lib: a MATLAB © library for Spectral Methods

Functions developed in this library provide the numerical solution of some simple boundary value problems in 1D, 2D and 3D geometries by either Spectral Methods with Galerkin-Numerical Integration (G-NI), in the case of single domain formulation, or Spectral Element Methods with Numerical Integration (SEM-NI), in the case of multi-domain formulation. Extrema eigenvalues of discrete operators are also computed in some cases.
  • License: GNU General Public License
  • Documentation (pdf): UserGuide , A short presentation of Spectral Element Methods
  • Documentation (HTML): Documentation system produced by   M2HTML
  • Requirements: Matlab 7.2.sp (R14) or above. Function handles are used to evaluate mathematical functions. The Symbolic Toolbox is used to set input data, but it is not needed to solve differential problems. Previous releases of Matlab could be used, provided that handle functions are replaced by calls to either eval or feval and that you replace calls to Symbolic Toolbox functions with exact derivates, computed by hand.
  • Download CHQZ_lib_1.0 (21/09/2007)

We are furnishing these Matlab routines to provide interested students and researchers with a convenient means for gaining hands-on experience with spectral methods. The files provided here were developed by the author solely to assist her research on spectral methods. We trust that the reader appreciates that the software provided here makes no pretense to being professional quality software, and that the author is unable as a practical matter to provide direct support to users of the software. However, the author would certainly appreciate notification or any errors that are found.

The present library includes matlab files we have used to produce some numerical results published in the books:
  • C. Canuto, M.Y. Hussaini, A. Quarteroni, T.A. Zang, Spectral Methods. Fundamentals in Single Domains Springer Verlag, Berlin Heidelberg New York, 2006;
  • C. Canuto, M.Y. Hussaini, A. Quarteroni, T.A. Zang, Spectral Methods. Evolution to Complex Geometries and Applications to Fluid Dynamics Springer Verlag, Berlin Heidelberg New York, 2007.

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